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Take a journey with me into the mystical realm of Spellcrafting and Discover…..
✨ The Magick of a Witch’s Path
✨ The Mechanics of Spellcrafting
✨ Ethics of Spellcrafting
✨ Spellcrafting for Minor & Major Sabbats
✨ Consecrating Magickal Tools & Altars
✨ Casting a Circle
✨ Magickal Correspondence for the Four Directions
✨ BONUS! Divination for a Magickal Name with the Tarot ✨

The Four Directions have always been the cornerstone of my magickal work and path to connect with our Divine nature within.

“Earth my Body, Water my Blood
Air my Breath, Fire my Spirit*”

*The earliest mention of Earth My Body found is from Julie Forest Middleton’s 1998 book Songs for Earthlings, which cites it as a contemporary chant of unknown authorship ([Middleton 1998]). According to Ian Prattis in his 2011 collection, the words are “from an Earth chant sung by children, in countless languages, around the world” ([Prattis 2011]

Q & A with Jamie Della

What is Witchcraft?
The word Witch is derived from the word “Wise.” Witchcraft is the art of cultivating a conscious relationship with the Universe as a living organism.

What are the differences and similarities between Witchcraft and Wicca?
Wicca is an earth-based lifestyle and hierarchal religion. A Witch lives an earth-based lifestyle that is self-directed. Both paths celebrate nature and abide by the Rede or strict guidance to “Do what thou will as long as you harm none,” and the Threefold Law “Whatever you do comes back to you three times three times three.”  Both paths celebrate nature-based traditions that reach deep into ancient matriarchal societies and the Great Mother.

What does it mean to be a Witch or Wicca?
Practitioners develop their craft of being a wise person through remembering and actualizing our Divinity. They take responsibility to co-create our collective world by responding to intuition and omens, following seasonal and cosmic rhythms and patterns, working with and respecting the interconnection of all energy, both seen and unseen.

Why is Witchcraft and Wicca so popular today?
As the threat of climate change increases, many people are seeking to align with Earth’s natural rhythms and are finding peace and empowerment with Witchcraft. In addition, the MeToo movement has incited a focus on women’s empowerment which has led to a Re-Wilding of the Woman’s Spirit and a rise in the attention given to the Divine Feminine.

How do Witches or Wiccans receive training or instruction?
Every Witch or Wiccan comes to this spiritual path in a unique way. I was lucky enough to receive one-on-one training from an Elder High Priestess. For more than 20 years, I have attended esbats (full and new moon ceremonies) and sabbats (pagan holidays), read books from earth spirituality to depth psychology, and submersed myself in several classes and workshops from Wicca 101 to distilling essential oils to Shamanic Priestess training.

What are Spells?
Spells are prayers in 3D. Spells match the magickal correspondences or qualities of herbs, crystals, moon phases, days of the week, seasons, colors, animal totems, Gods & Goddesses, etc., with the feeling of the desired outcome. The chant in a spell is a rhyme that speaks to the right brain, the creative side, that listen to symbols and then seeks a path to manifest the desire.

With so many spells books in the market, why should people buy yours?
The Book of Spells: The Magick of Witchcraft is a unique guidebook for self-empowerment. This book stands out because of its comprehensive collection of magickal correspondences and positive, empowering spells that encourage personal development. This book is a mirror and a manual to discover our own wisdom and Divinity, which we gain by “playing well with others,” faith in the Mystery, and self-love.

What is the Magick of Witchcraft?

Come find out from author Jamie Della, who draws on a lifetime of experience with moon mysteries, Goddess lore, the spirit of plant allies, time-honored wise women rituals of self-discovery, crystal energies, Tarot archetypes, eight earth-based holidays, chakras, and the foundational four elements. Discover how spells are like prayers in the third and fourth dimensions and how we can use tools of The Craft, magickal rhyme, and Universal magick to activate our power to manifest the life of our dreams. Ritual included.