The Four Directions have always been the cornerstone of my magickal work and path to connect with our Divine nature within.

“Earth my Body, Water my Blood
Air my Breath, Fire my Spirit*”

*The earliest mention of Earth My Body found is from Julie Forest Middleton’s 1998 book Songs for Earthlings, which cites it as a contemporary chant of unknown authorship ([Middleton 1998]). According to Ian Prattis in his 2011 collection, the words are “from an Earth chant sung by children, in countless languages, around the world” ([Prattis 2011]

What is the Magick of Witchcraft?

Come find out from author Jamie Della, who draws on a lifetime of experience with moon mysteries, Goddess lore, the spirit of plant allies, time-honored wise women rituals of self-discovery, crystal energies, Tarot archetypes, eight earth-based holidays, chakras, and the foundational four elements. Discover how spells are like prayers in the third and fourth dimensions and how we can use tools of The Craft, magickal rhyme, and Universal magick to activate our power to manifest the life of our dreams. Ritual included.

These three workshops capture the Magick of my soul. Please email me at jamiedella1223@gmail.com if you would like me to come to your town, shop, retreat or festival. 

Writing Down the Magick Discover the Magick within you in your own words. Writing Down the Magick is a combination of ritual and journaling workshop that will guide you on a journey into sacred mysticism, women’s wisdom, and centuries-old knowledge to awaken the Wild Divine Feminine within you. Inspirational quotes, herbal allies, and writing prompts will empower you to align your personal growth with the natural world to find the sometimes hidden but ever ubiquitous wellspring of Woman’s strength and beauty. This workshop is intended to help you fall in love with your Muse and will include sound therapy during the creative bursts moments of the workshop. Participants must bring pen or pencil and paper.  

Spellcrafting with Herbs Come learn about the art and ethics of spellcrafting. Discover how spells work, the four questions you must ask yourself before any spellcrafting, and magickal properties of several herbs. You will learn how to set up a protective circle to cast a spell as well as many other influences of spellcrafting, including tools of the craft, chakras, animal totems, runes, colors, candle magick, numbers, day of the week, season, cardinal directions, phase of the moon, tarot, and deities. Create your own mojo pouch for a spell that you design. Let’s make magick together!   

Parenting with the Mandala of Nature There are eight pagan holidays that comprise The Mandala of Nature, which celebrates the turning of the Wheel of Life. This parenting workshop open to mothers and their children as well as just the mamas, will explain unique ways to celebrate the holidays, or holy days, and love of Mother Earth with nature altars, rituals, spells, Goddesses, and more. When we observe the cycles of the seasons and the wisdom inherent in nature, we find guidance that brings us closer to our own Divinity, inspires contentment, sparks creativity and fuels the Magick in our lives. We will do a ritual that brings us into the mystical connection to the current season.