Herbal Journeys Column

Herbal Journeys Column in Witches and Pagan Magazine coming online soon!


Rosemary: For Remember Our Natural Selves Pulling Ourselves Back to CenterThe earth smelled moist as I entered the front garden. It was moonless night and the fire in the broken five-gallon cauldron commanded all my attention promising warmth and my very first ritual. But first I must pass under a threshold of climbing vines wrapped … Continue reading Rosemary


ALOE VERA: An Ancient Ally Returning to the earth in sacred ceremony is part of the life/death cycle and honors our bodies and feeds the body of Earth. The spiritual communion is not left only for the end of life, but can be shared in the beginning of life as well by burying the placenta … Continue reading Aloe


Sage is one of the most useful plants – an ally for all When sage rather insisted to be the next herb to be written about, I assumed I would write about White Sage and my best friend Melinda, a drummer and healer who wanted to change her name to Sage but crossed to the … Continue reading Sage


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