Solstice Justice Author Talk
June 21, 1pm FREE

Join me for a video storytelling of how Witchcraft offers a powerful path toward Equity, New Norms and Taking care of each other. This event is in lieu of my cancelled book event for The Book of Spells at Rebel Heart Books in Jacksonville Oregon and a Plant Ally farm tour at my cousin Elise Higley’s Oshala Farm. Support your local bookshop and farmer.

Click HERE for Zoom Meeting Sunday, June 21, 1pm

Grow Stronger Together is an online toolkit for Mothers and Daughters. In this treasure trove, women professionals, artists, and healers share their knowledge in support of helping womanhood thrive. My presentation features a guided meditation and using a specific style of creating vision board, both from The Book of Spells. This program aired live from May 12-22 and is still available for purchase.

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