The Witch Is In Magick Nature
905 N Main St., Bishop
May 25, 4:44PM

Come by Magick Nature in Bishop for a Magickal meeting with Jamie Della, author of The Book of Spells and The Wicca Cookbook. Bring in your copy or buy a book for a personalized message.Jamie will be giving free readings from the Cat Herbal Oracle Deck, and looking for feedback for a deck review for Witches & Pagan MagazineDuring this Magickal hour, Jamie will make Lilac Water for the full moon magick.Bring a small sealable jar or you can purchase a limited amount of vessels at the shop. Plus learn about the safety of mixing and drinking crystals and water from shop owner Amber.Share about this event on your social media and enter to win a witchy prize.

The moon is waxing to fullness by the hour.
Now is the time to claim our power.
Lilac water for glamour and protection.
Oracle readings to guide your direction.
By my will
So Mote it Be
This I make true
Three Times Three Times Three

The Magick and Science of the Goddess
June 5 & 6

Jamie Della will offer a presentation based on her essay, Wiccan Spells and Moon Rituals,
for the Women’s Heritage Project.

Again, we elders and mentors will explore variations in ‘ways of knowing’ our material; as in the different ways women collect data about themselves that was left out of “his story.”   All of us contributing to this text are interested in this “feminine reformation” becoming a constant in the minds of all genders, ethnicities and stages of life. We will present or re-correct, cross cultural narratives we tell ourselves and stories about women and how we participated in shaping the world. We will tell the stories through our Goddess’ Magick and Science, because to us and her, (during the “pinnacle of veneration”) these systems were considered one and the same.

Her Blue Body is Everything We Know
On Display through June 2021

I am so thrilled to have my pottery on display at the Siskiyou Art Museum. A line from Alice Walker’s 1991 publication by the show’s same name, “Her Blue Body Everything We Know” guides this show and offers artistic homage to the Earth and nature as Mother.

“We have a beautiful mother
Her green lap immense
Her brown embrace eternal
Her blue body everything we know.”

This collection of artworks offers a glimpse into the Earth, the body, and the cosmos as representations of the female divine, the Mother of All. Quala Birch invites the viewer to explore dreamy, galactic nebulae and soul journeys with large canvases that depict the birth and ground of creation. Holly DeFount locates mythic Goddesses from world history in the Siskiyou County landscape, intentionally juxtaposing the global with the local, and works metals to create a set of alchemical tools for use by the wisewoman diviner. Potter Jamie Della shapes in clay a set of offering tools for the altar of the sacred feminine: womb vessels and pots. Taken together, these pieces help us glimpse the scope of Her vast expression, from the conceptual to the tactile, and showcase the sacred work of women’s hands.

Show Curator: Yeshe Matthews
Show Sponsor: Mt Shasta Goddess Temple

Within my Goddess in the Clay collection is an inner collection, like a hidden womb. Ten pieces of pottery, all glazed a deep cobalt blue, symbolize the night sky and Her Mystery as the Goddess who weaves the sacred into my life and guides my spiritual path. These three pieces, a plate, drinking vessel and bowl, represent the pieces needed for a Dumb Supper, like when you dine with the deceased beloved on Dia de los Muertos, or other Pagan holidays. It is a set of functional art for dining with the Spirit World that lives deep within you.

Magick and Motherwort
September 10-12

I will be teaching an online workshop for the Red Earth Herbal Gathering September 10-12. In this workshop we will discuss how Magickal spells work and cast a sacred circle to meet the spirit of Motherwort, an herb that bring us powerfully back to our center.

Magick of the Hearth Cuppas Every Monday at 10am

Monday Morning Cuppas

Join me for a chat about
☕️ Auspicious Aspect of the Day
☕️ Practical Magick of the Hearth
☕️ Ritual and Recipe from my books

My Monday morning Cuppas are in the Magick of the Hearth Group on the The Goddess Temple platform. This is a sacred online space, a living Mandala where Goddess culture thrives.  Sign up Here>> 

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