Journey Into Her
Online Writing Course

Second and Fourth Wednesdays at 6pm Pacific Time
Limit 15 women
$45 per month

Journey Into Her is a writing course that takes you on a path of self-discovery into the deepest realm of your Divine Feminine. Come smell, see, taste, touch, and know yourself as sacred: a crown of wisdom, a heart of gold, the light of the world.

Through free writing and friendship, this group will connect with the natural world and find the sometimes hidden but ever ubiquitous wellspring of Woman’s strength and beauty through moon cycles, Goddesses and their myths, the spirit of plant allies, blossoming chakras, time-honored Wild Woman rituals of self-discovery, crystal energies, and eight earth-based holidays.

Sisters, the Divine Feminine lives and breathes as you. She is the whisper of the moon, the richness of soil, a beacon of light and eternal source of all healing. The time has come for us to honor the wisdom of our bodies, our lives, our experiences and the women who have paved the way throughout time and herstory so that we can have this voice, this strength, this fierce love.

Woman, you are your own Sovereign Nation. On the page and off.

Starting January 13, and every two weeks for the rest of 2021, we will gather for a 45-minute magical writing online Zoom class. Each class will feature prompts and creative inspiration relevant to the monthly theme. These themes are:

  1. Element of Air and New Beginnings
  2. Element of Fire and Creative Spark
  3. Element of Water and Trusting Emotions
  4. Element of Earth and Feeling Safe
  5. Element of Spirit and Connectivity
  6. Moon Magick and Mysterious Reflections
  7. Sun Wisdom and Standing in Your Light
  8. Goddesses Throughout Time
  9. Animism and Universal Influences
  10. Manifesting Dreams
  11. Allies Surrounding You
  12. Medicine Making

The monthly fee for this class is $45, which includes access to the two video gatherings per month, plus a private group for discussion and shares in the Goddess Temple App. To apply, please send an email to with your name, a little description of what you enjoy about writing as a personal growth tool, and any experience you have with writing in the past, even if it’s as simple as keeping a journal. Deadline for signup is December 28, 2020.

Dive in. The fresh page is ready for you. 

Spellcrafting 101
Learn the essential basics of spellcrafting with the wisdom passed down for generations and channeled through Jamie Della. This course contains six video modules to guide you on your path to spellcrafting for just $77.77. Topics covered include: How does spellcrafting work? Grounding/centering, casting a circle, sabbats, magickal tools, consecration, and magickal correspondences. Each video module has a downloadable companion lesson guide and journal prompt. Plus – Jamie offers fun bonus content to help you divine your witch name! Is it time you stepped into your power and cast a spell?

✓Learn at Your Own Pace
✓Sign-Up Anytime

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Your voice is your freedom. Is it a coincidence that October is the Season of the Witch and Domestic Violence Awareness month? I think not. Drop in for my free Writing for Empowerment course Wednesdays at 6pm October 21 & 28, November 4 & 11.

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My presentation on The Soul of Place will explore how the physicality of terrain and ecology inform the personality of a place. You can watch my presentation any time over the weekend. This soul of the place includes Land Spirits, DNA memory and Terrapsychology, the emerging field that studies the interaction between psyche and place.

The link for the Soul of Place course is coming soon.