Rosemary: For Remember Our Natural Selves Pulling Ourselves Back to CenterThe earth smelled moist as I entered the front garden. It was moonless night and the fire in the broken five-gallon cauldron commanded all my attention promising warmth and my very first ritual. But first I must pass under a threshold of climbing vines wrapped … Continue reading Rosemary


Motherwort: An Ally for Soft Power Motherwort first revealed herself to me eight years ago at the Northern California Women’s Herbal Symposium in Laytonville California. I looked over the forty or so unfamiliar, robust green allies in 4-inch pots at the Insta-Garden, a pop-up nursery of medicinal plants tucked behind the 30-foot tepees under the … Continue reading Motherwort


Mint - Yerba Buena: The Good Herb is a magical herb for processing pain and assuaging grief. The call came in the dead of night. My sister Megan screamed into the phone, “He’s dying!” amongst the clatter of doctor’s commands and general chaos.  The stint they had put in our father’s heart earlier that day … Continue reading Mint