Beltane Photo Essay

Faerie Sprite With Tiny MightGrant to me the Magick LightPierce the Darkness of the NightBless me with Unflinching SightBring to Us the Blissful HeightHuman Spirit Holding TightHealing of Our Mother's PlightShining Our Our Love-filled Light This poem came to me two weeks before Beltane, my most favorite holiday. This Pagan sabbat is devoted to Dionysus, … Continue reading Beltane Photo Essay

A Tribute to my Literary Champion: Julie Castiglia

My literary agent had been a model in the early 1970s. She was dark haired, tall and willowy like an English Cher. The metaphor strengthens with Julie Castiglia’s sharp English accent, contrast of black hair, green eyes, and paper-thin skin and her infamous curt communication. Julie used words like scissors and would assign her brutal … Continue reading A Tribute to my Literary Champion: Julie Castiglia