Previously published works

Bathing in Moonlit Love

The alarm went off at midnight and I rolled out of my sleeping bag already dressed. I fumbled in the dark on all fours for the opening and unzipped the tent. I pulled back the nylon like I was pushing back a curtain to another world and gazed at the full moon casting a soft … Continue reading Bathing in Moonlit Love

Hearth Witch Kindness

Originally published on Rebelle Society November 22, 2019 A hearth witch possesses a unique set of skills based on many years beside the fire, whether at a pot belly stove, outdoor cob chimney, or modern Viking oven. A hearth witch knows how to set a powerful intention for the fire that will warm her home. … Continue reading Hearth Witch Kindness

Coyote Medicine

Originally Published on Rebelle Society June 5, 2019 I tiled my head back and opened my eyes. The cold, clean snow seemed to sizzle as it landed on the style on my left eye. I had awoken to a beautiful snowy day in Sedona, Arizona to find my eye was red, swollen, and burning hot. … Continue reading Coyote Medicine