Full Moon Ritual

Happy Pink Moon

Are you ready for Flower Power Magick with our Pink Moon in Scorpio rising tonight? The influences of Scorpio will drive us to let go of deep-seated grudges, damaging secrets and/or limiting thoughts. 
Full Moon Ritual
Place five dandelions and a quartz crystal point around a bowl of water. When the moon rises catch its lunar reflection in the waters. Lean over the bowl so that the moons reflection shines on your third eye. Visualize this lunar light piercing the shield that prevents you from forgiving or releasing what no longer serves you.

Anoint the crystal in the water and draw a pentacle on your third eye to request the assistance of all the elements. Hold the crystal to your heart and imagine that Moon Sister light filling you up with positive strength. Howl at the moon for yourself and for anyone who has never heard the power of their own voice.

Place the dandelions and crystal in the bowl and leave out over night. You can use the moon water through the month whenever you need to either continue to release the pain or fill yourself with the power of your Light and Love.

Five represents the archetypical teacher. Most things or people who rub us wrong will turn out to be our best teachers for spiritual growth.
Dandelions are a bitter herb that help our liver release toxins. When you break down the word Dandelion it mean lions tooth – as in that which can tear off and break down the lessons into bite size pieces.
Clear quartz crystals mutates any energy and will help you to focus on your new direction.

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