Lunar Rituals

In the Wiccan tradition, the moon is considered feminine and a symbol of the Triple Goddess. The moon reflects the Maiden in its growing crescent form and possibilities; it is the Mother when it is full and embodies fruition and attainment of goals and dreams; and last, when the moon decreases, it symbolizes the Crone in all her wisdom.

Moon rituals align you with your rich inner life and feminine powers

There are many rituals that you can perform that will help you align with the power of the moon, regardless of which phase that it is in. One of the more popular rituals of today focuses on either the Dark or New Moon or the Full Moon. The New or Dark Moon is the time to gain insight about oneself by making friends with our unseen or hidden aspects. We enter the stillness as we cast introspective spells or do magickal work for fresh starts and beginnings. The Full Moon is the time to perform positive works, manifest spells that release your most passionate desires, and focus on the Goddess as the Mother. Let’s begin with smudging.

Smudging dried herbal bundles, often white sage or mugwort, will purify a room, home and your mind.

Begin with three calming breaths and bring your awareness into the present. Stand in the eastern corner of your home or room, or face the east, the direction of new beginnings. Light the herb bundle and blow out the flame until it embers, using an abalone shell or other fire-retardant container to catch the ashes With either a feather or your hand direct the smoke over your body in a sweeping motion. Chant:

I cast out negative energy under the moonlight.
I am protected by this Lunar Goddess light,
Surrounded and embraced by pure love.
As it is below, so it is above.

After you have blessed your body with the sacred herb, direct the smoke to every high corner, around every window and door, and over every drain and toilet. You may also ring bells or shake a rattle for extra protection. Nature abhors a vacuum, so when the smudging is complete, burn incense or diffuse essential oils to bring in peace and harmony.

You may choose to create a vision board under an auspicious moon or pull tarot or oracle cards. Other moon rituals include placing your favorite jewelry or crystals under the moonlight to cleanse the objects of former energy and absorb the lunar power. You may choose to take a salt bath or place a bowl of water under the moonlight to capture what is called “moon waters” that will be imbued with the unique power of each moon phase and the astrological sign that is influencing it. You can place your moon water in a spray bottle, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil and use it as a facial toner each morning. You can gaze into the moon water and align the moon’s reflection with your forehead and listen for any message or intuition that bubbles up to the surface of your awareness.

Each phase of the moon is affected by the zodiac. The New or Dark Moon will always be in the same astrological sign as the month. For example, a New Moon in March will always be in Pisces. The full moon will always be reflecting the influences of astrological sign that is its opposite, meaning six months away. For example, a Full Moon in March will usually be in Scorpio. You can take a look at the information on the astrological signs and incorporate their energy into your lunar rituals by simply being aware of the influences.

Aries is the initiator of every cycle of manifestation and represents the seeds of your desires. The Aries energy is self-motivated, extroverted, energetic, courageous, impetuous and inspiring.

Taurus provides us with the drive, impetuous and desire to persevere against all obstacles. The Taurus energy is persistent, caring, stubborn, visceral and enduring.

Gemini energy brings to our awareness the duality in a fun-loving and expansive way. This energy is intellectual, conversationalist, thought-provoking and aware.

Cancer astrological sign is known for empathy and the womb of time. This energy is nurturing, intuitive, and protective.

Leo marks the birth of self-consciousness. Leo energy is loving, witty, magnanimous, and radiant.

Virgo represents sovereignty of the virgin. This energy is objective, disciplined, reflective, precise and discriminating.

Libra represents balance and harmony. This energy is charming, diplomatic, romantic, creative and generous.

Scorpio is a secretive sign that enjoys deep mysteries. Scorpion energy is sensual, intuitive, and alluring.

Sagittarius is the sign of the archer, seeker, life student, and the wanderer. This energy is carefree, enthusiastic, optimistic, and childlike.

Capricorn is the sign of the initiate, the hard-working Seagoat that dives to the depths of the sea and climbs the highest mountain. Capricorn energy is sensible, practical, ambitious, ethical and reliable.

Aquarius is the sign of the humanitarian. This is revolutionary energy that is trendsetting, inspirational, individualistic, and exciting.

Pisces is the sign of the two fish and tends to be fluid and emotional. Pisces energy is steeped in sensitivity, intuitive, numinous, imaginative and compassionate.

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