Unfolding Moon Magick

The Unfolding Moon is the insistent urging to manifest. It’s the desire so strong you can taste the victory as well as the defeat. You close your eyes to center and ground so that you may choose your outcome. Tension grows as with each in-breath a new thought arises and is released with each outbreath. Your breathing activates the kundalini energy. The passion surges through your blood like a dragon waiting to be freed. Your throat burns like caged bird itching to sing. The inner child begs to burst into this light. Collectively we yearn to be the light, the full manifestation of our heart’s one true desire. This is where we stand at the precipice of the Virgo Moon.

When I was eight years old, I chose a Eucalyptus Tree that had been struck by lightning to be my Giving Tree. And, like a wand, a tree choses you, too. The feeling is magnetic. Perhaps you have felt nature speaking to you? You might have to go back into the garden of your childhood to remember. But I promise you, the memory that you once belonged to the Earth and She to you is there.

I would climb to the point where the tree had split in two with half the trunk reaching for the sky and the other half bent horizontal about five feet off the ground. I invoked the courage of a tightrope walker to face my fear of heights.  I didn’t want to be afraid anymore. I wanted to be fearless.

I found my balance, my grounding and cautiously swung out my left foot in front of my right and proceeded joyrously, albeit with a tightness of breath. When I was a mere three paces from grabbing the other tree at the end of this bowered balance beam, I panicked – so filled with fear that my dream would be swiped away at any moment.

That’s what today feels like. You can taste it. Urgency replaces calm. But only for a minute, keep breathing, keep building the light within ou so that tomorrow you may shine forth in your brightest Self, your most luminescent, Full Blooming Moon.

This essay was inspired by Linda Emashowski’s book Whispered Wisdoms of the Moon.

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