Leo Moon and Mercury Retrograde

Full Moon will occur at 09° Leo on January 28, 2021 at 11:16 AM, PST. The Full Moon in Leo is a time of actualizing deeper levels of self-realization, feeling into your big-heartedness, increased self-awareness of “Who I am.” This is when you can allow your soul to really shine.

We are also in the shadow of Mercury in Retrograde. Can you feel the tension building? Mercury is the planet of Communication: which translates to relationships, cars, computers, contracts. When Mercury is in Retrograde its time to slow down and review, re-evaluate and reassess.

As stated in my blog on Mars in Retrograde, a planet is considered retrograde when it orbits to the far side of the sun. From our two-dimensional perspective on earth, instead of the planet moving along with us in a clockwise direction, the retrograde planet appears to be traveling counter-clockwise.

Each planet has its own reign of influence. When the planet is on the other side of the sun in relation to the earth, we will feel the opposite of the planet’s energy. Many moons ago, planets were associated with specific characteristics and drives or motivations. Planets were then linked to astrological signs, which provides guidance for the type of energy that rules or governs each sign.

Mercury zips around the sun in 88 days, which is why there are four retrogrades in one of Earth’s rotation around the sun – 365 days. This is like our resting times of the year when its important to double-check clarity of communication, and especially your intention.

My friend Victoria Bearden has been my astrologer reader for nearly 25 years. She’s says this full moon in Leo will be a fireball. “The Moon in brave-hearted Leo opposes the Sun, Jupiter, and Saturn in revolutionary Aquarius, while squaring off with a volatile conjunction of Mars and Uranus in Taurus. It would take a while to explain the magnitude of that many planets engaging with one another at the same moment. Suffice it to say, it’s really going to be something! FYI, this is not a peaceful vibration. It’s extremely intense and could spark controversy. But it could also serve as rocket fuel to empower your intentions. Resist the temptation to get sucked into the drama. Instead, use this as a power source for your positive ideas and actions. Due to the exaggerated nature of this planetary vibration, there will be some craziness. This combo could trigger earthquakes or extreme weather. Stay grounded, stay calm, and carry on. The wildness of this Full Moon can help you find your inner warrior. Enlist the aid of your Spirit Guides and Allies to increase your awareness and give you protection.”

What I am discovering at this time is a strong need to shine my “I AM” lioness energy at the same time having an awareness that “all roads lead to Rome.” There are many ways to do things and communicating and if I can stop and listen with my big heartedness then I will hear more of the Divine Light shining through others, as well as myseld. Right now, many of us are spinning the wheels waiting for the chain to catch and the bike to start moving, but we’re heading into Mercury Retrograde, a time to slow down. It’s a time to chat with friends over a cuppa and deepen the sharing our lives with our loved ones.

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