Mars, Mystery and Manifestation

Universal influences affect us every day, whether we are aware of it or not. For the past two months, the planet Mars has been retrograde. A planet is considered retrograde when it orbits to the far side of the sun. From our two-dimensional perspective on earth, instead of the planet moving along with us in a clockwise direction, the retrograde planet appears to be traveling counter-clockwise.

Each planet has its own reign of influence. When the planet is on the other side of the sun in relation to the earth, we will feel the opposite of the planet’s energy. Many moons ago, planets were associated with specific characteristics and drives or motivations. Planets were then linked to astrological signs, which provides guidance for the type of energy that rules or governs each sign.

In addition, a verb was assigned to each astrological sign to describe the drive that defines the personality of each sign.

Mars went retrograde in the sign of fiery Aries (that’s a double whammy because retrogrades happen in every sign, depending on the time of year that they occur), and Aries is the God of War and Action – consistently asserting, I AM. So, if you have been feeling intensely thwarted in your actions or asserting who and what you are, join the club.

Mars in retrograde heralds a time to re-examine, revisit and review our past actions, the path we have taken toward our personal/business/spiritual growth, and ultimately address the question, What is Worth Fighting for?

Since September, we have been immersed in a time that forced us to sift through and scrutinize the values of our inner warrior and intrepid gardener – essentially to reevaluate how we have grown to where we are today. It was all internalized fire, bursting its seams, ie., our bodies.

Mars will go direct on Friday, November 13, 2020. For me, this is like passing through the eye of the needle. Our verdant garden, our brighter future will be manifested just beyond that blazing hoop.

So, Light Warriors, keep your head up and keep your light shining. Our work is not over yet. The New Moon in Scorpio on the very next day, November 14, will draw you deeper into your essential you. Do not resist the urge to know yourself better. You are the Light we have been waiting for.

June JordanPoem for South African Women

Commemoration of the 40,000 women and children who, August 9, 1956, presented themselves in bodily protest against the “dompass” in the capital of apartheid. Presented at The United Nations, August 9, 1978.

Our own shadows disappear as the feet of thousands
by the tens of thousands pound the fallow land
into new dust that
rising like a marvelous pollen will be
even as the first woman whispering
imagination to the trees around her made
for righteous fruit
from such deliberate defense of life
as no other still
will claim inferior to any other safety
in the world

The whispers too they
intimate to the inmost ear of every spirit
now aroused they
carousing in ferocious affirmation
of all peaceable and loving amplitude
sound a certainly unbounded heat
from a baptismal smoke where yes
there will be fire

And the babies cease alarm as mothers
raising arms
and heart high as the stars so far unseen
nevertheless hurl into the universe
a moving force
irreversible as light years
traveling to the open 

And who will join this standing up
and the ones who stood without sweet company
will sing and sing
back into the mountains and
if necessary
even under the sea

we are the ones we have been waiting for

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