Stevie Nicks Dreams

I clasped hands with Stevie Nicks on October 13, 2011. She was performing alone at the Grove Theater in Anaheim wearing a short cast on her leg. And yet she spun in her circles, twirling in a cast!

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Stevie so inspires me that I dressed like her that evening in a white blouse with long bell sleeves, dangling silver earrings, black leggings and knee-high black boots. A few other ladies were also in gypsy garb and we all acknowledged each other with a nod and a smile that said, “I see you Witchy Woman. And I applaud you.”

My Aunt Elaine and I were in the second or third row – sweet seats she gained from her lofty position in Anaheim hospitality. I jangled the multitude of silver bangles on my wrists as I danced There were moments, I was afraid of being the lone dancer up front. The other wild women were further back. Executives surrounded our seats. Then Stevie smiled at me so I kept dancing and no one stopped me.

Then there came a moment when Stevie sang close to the edge of the stage, and the desire to connect was like a strong current. I stepped into the aisle and straight to center stage. At the same time, Stevie had reached out to shake the hands of her fans and I put my hand in first. She leaned down and we locked eyes and seemed to say…

“I see you Witchy Woman. And I applaud you.”

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Random House gave me the option to choose my moderator for their Halloween Event on October 29 at 8pm EST. Of course I thought of Stevie Nicks first. A friend sent me this article about Stevie Nicks in Vogue and how she is opening up about her abortion and the importance of this election. In my mind, she’s throwing down and showing up this Season of the Witch. I mean, look at that necklace!

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Twice I have received the blessing card from my Ganesha oracle deck with the message to ask for the highest desire and Ganesha will remove the obstacles in my path.

My desire for this event is that the moderator, whomever she or he is, will have a real, authentic conversation with me about spells, manifestation, Witchcraft, positivity, personal power and hope that encourages, enlightens, educates and entertains a packed mainstream audience.

I want to talk about how Magick heals and when you shoot for the moon, you might miss but still get a stroll through the galaxy. I want to share that spells are dreams. And though not every dream comes true how we imagined, there is always a grain of happiness to be found.

So when I hear Stevie singing on my Pandora station, I hear the spirits encouraging me to keep dreaming big and to see the Autumn blessings raining down on me like golden Aspen leaves fluttering in the wind.

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