Witchy Manifestations

October is the twilight of the year. We enter the month with bountiful harvests from fruit trees and begin to pull gourds from the ground. We call this the Witches’ Thanksgiving – a time to count your blessings.

I’m celebrating the Season of the Witch with a slew of good fortune: my first book, The Wicca Cookbook: Recipes, Ritual and Lore is celebrating its’ 20th anniversary in print. I am so proud of this accomplishment. I love this rave review by A Mad, Hungry Woman. Food, love and intention are the best kinds of Magick.

My latest book, The Book of Spells, has just sold 13,000 copies. Barnes & Noble categorizes this book under the title, Personal Transformation, and that lights me up. My writings are about empowerment and positive psychology, despite the fascination with mystical baubles (ooh, something shiny – I get it). The reviews that recognize the guidance for self-love, care, and compassion woven between the pages are my absolute favorites. This is sisterhood.

I completed the domestic violence and sexual assault training so that I could work with survivors. I want to be part of the hope and solutions to face my own shadow work and be that healed healer. The first module of this training goes into exhaustive detail about how long domestic violence has been a systemic part of our society for centuries. That is simply not acceptable.

I have discovered the most important thing you can do for someone in crisis is to listen. No one askes us to be the hero. Our brilliant ideas cannot save anyone. The best thing to do is point out resources and give survivors the support they need to save themselves.

Finally I am thrilled to be teaching an important class called Soul of Place with Witch with Me Gather the Witches. In this workshop, I discuss three interwoven concepts: DNA Memory, Land Spirits, and Terrapsychology.
DNA Memory = memories passed through DNA. For example, returning to ancestral land or your grandparents home that you have never visited and instinctively knowing where to find water.
Land Spirits = the personality, vibration, or feeling of a land
Terrapsychology = the intersection of psyche and place, or the sacred crossing of earth and the soul that connects us all

I absolutely love this topic because this to me is earth spirituality. This is where home, soul, and magick reside.

I am so appreciative of the Magick in my life, natural inspiration from the land where I live, my loved ones, my health and the creativity overflows like a cornucopia from the Muses themselves. What are you grateful for?

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