Maia Moon Musings

Many of us try to be perfect. But we’re holding the mirror the wrong way.

In its original Greek form, the word “perfect” meant the “image of a Heavenly Father” (of course, I would add and Heavenly Mother).

In other words, we achieve perfection when we bring our best to the table. When we listen to ourselves and act on the things that bring us joy, we fill up and radiate out the light we were meant to be. Light itself is our Heavenly Father Mother. We are each a ray of that light, like different sunshine rays that ramble across the countryside or maybe the light beam that illuminates the tree; both are “perfect” in their own way. We are light, ranging in hues across a rainbow and in all those variations, not one color is “right.”

May is the month to honor the Goddess Maia, one of the seven sisters in the Pleiades and matron of nursing mothers. Her rites were secret, special rituals for women only. Maia is an Earth Goddess, shy like new blossoms. Her gentle heat coaxes growth toward the light. Because of these blooms, the May moon is called the Flower Moon. We are like these flowers, growing and evolving at the pace and progress that is perfect for the light we are meant to share.

A wildflower has never been misplaced in nature. Just as you and I are exactly where we are meant to be, growing toward the light as we see fit. Perfection does not equate stability, nor will life become boring in striving for your perfection, because we are always evolving, never the same from year to year.

During my son Kobe’s recent visit he wanted to teach me life lessons, such as what you reap you sow or energy affects matter. I was frustrated and could not listen to this young whipper snapper since I was the one who had taught him those insights and proverbs in the first place. Until, slowly as this shelter in place lengthened, I realized what was happening. Here was an opportunity for me to see that while, yes, I planted those seeds, those ideas, Kobe was the one who watered and tended the plant that grew in the direction of his own light. I can open up, like a flower, and choose to bask in the glory of his own unique bloom. When I did that I saw that some of beauty and insights he had gathered were from his own unique path and was completely new to me. Afterall, children should evolve beyond their parents.

Since we can only be our version of perfect flowers, how can we ask our partner, child, friend or family member to be our version of perfect? They, like everyone else on this beautiful green and growing planet, are only meant to grow into the ray of sunshine that they came to share with the world. So be kind to you and kind to others and focus on dancing in your ray of sunshine every chance you get.

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