Looking for Unexpected Blessings

I am experiencing an unexpected and yet fully welcomed surge of power amidst this fear today. Like stepping into a familiar river, I feel as secure with Kobe here under my wing, as I did when my beloved Grandpy held me in his bear hugs when I was a child. I am steeped in my early conviction and unwavering faith as a young mother to teach my sons nature’s wisdom and Magick.

I had an idea to create a video in lieu of my book tour this month, no practical notion of how to go about doing it, but I also had the faith this is exactly what I should do: the sensation of heading toward your destination effortlessly, like the moving escalators in an airport. It turns out one of Kobe’s homework assignments is to create a video with music. This serendipity is what Magick is all about. Stepping forward and trusting the Great Mystery.

Yet, when the moment came, I got nervous, dwelling on the last twenty years of repercussions from talking and writing about Magick and Witchcraft. What if they don’t understand me or judge me or see me as totally wacky?

Kobe patiently reminded me, “Mom, when you’re raised with Magick, it isn’t Magick anymore, it’s just Life. It’s not hard to understand. Pretend you are talking to me as you did when I was three.”

We put up a picture of toddler Kobe with a bubble bath beard and I felt a rush of fervent desire to teach my children that Divinity lives within us all. From the moment of birth, I told my children they are a ray of the Sun’s light – connected to Source and uniquely shining bright. We developed their intuition as an act of faith in that still, quiet voice of the Divine within; waiting and wanting to guide them. I introduced the innocuous nature of change and consistency by watching the moon wax and wane and celebrating the equinoxes, solstices, and planting and harvesting holidays.  

Many years ago, I wrote “Conviction” on a stone in my first magickal ceremony. I have kept this stone and my word safe for three decades by hugging trees, tending a garden, making medicine and digging bare toes in the earth. The Craft makes me feel empowered, secure, and loved by a force greater than myself and I wanted to share that spiritual connection with the two people I loved most. And now I want to share this wisdom with anyone who wants to hear it.

The finished video, Witch Wisdom and Plant Allies, surpassed my vision because Kobe drew out the best of me. This Shelter in Place has presented a paradox of blessings. For when the time comes that you can see your child as an equal Spirit and Soul, you can rest under his wing, and Remember Who You Are.

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