Witches Heal

I believe Witches Heal. I believe when the Bucolic Plague or the Spanish Flu raged through the land, Witches were not sitting around the well, gossiping about who started it or who let the virus slip through the cracks and spread. No, those Witches went to their cauldrons and brewed medicines to heal, potions to block and teas to soothe. Because Witches Heal.

Thieves spray used to cleanse a room, made by my friend and fellow Witch Diana, owner of Tree of Life Metaphysical Books and Gifts

As a Witch I am reading portends and omens. I’m listening to this virus say take care of the old people and stop shunting them aside. Not just now, but in all ways, our elders deserve our respect. There’s wisdom in their bones, their stories, their history.

Joan Baez sang Hello in There as an activist statement about Ageism

Remember that we each hold the power to heal in our hearts and in our hands with the help of herbs. We are all beloved Children of the Earth, natural and wise.

Witch means Wise.

There is a Witch in everyone.

Oshala Farm has the People’s Medicine

The Hearth is Calling. I have built two fires today; one for my home and all who find sanctuary within. And one in our AirBnB guests who have found a highway of love and protection or are simply living for the day. I tossed in some branches from my cinnamon broom I got at Trader Joe’s this holiday season. In both homes, I am steaming or setting herbs ablaze to access their healing properties. Because Witches Heal.

Sweet Water Hideaway in Crowley Lake

Fear mongering works to divide the people and inserts a belief in scarcity. Think of how 911 set USA against “them.” I watch history repeat itself as we close ourselves off and feel an artificial sense of safety based on the fact that we can afford medicine, or we got to Costco first to stockpile on toilet paper, or live in a ‘safe’ city or are not over 60 years old. This virus is a wake-up call to stop seeing the divide that the governing corporations have placed upon us to separate us.

Listen to the Elders. Always protect yourself with your innate wisdom. Use herbs, the People’s Medicine. See how we are all created equal and abolish Genteel Racism, bigotry and ageism. We have but one body. What we shun, pass over, or condemn, we do to ourselves.


The day after 911, I took a bar of soap and wrote on my Isuzu Rodeo’s back window in huge block letters: WITCHES HEAL. I just might do it again and maybe add the line, Remember Who You Are.

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