Not All Witches Cast Spells

Today the moon is not fully visible and so called the Dark or New Moon. Traditionally speaking, this is a time to sit in the stillness, quiet and dark. It is a moment akin to winter, when we go inside to hear the wisdom of our soul, the stirrings of our creative Muse, and rest.

In my most recent book, The Book of Spells: The Magick of Witchcraft, I suggest now is a time to cast spells for introspective or do magickal work for fresh starts and beginnings. However, I do not believe that every cosmic shift, or problem, or confusion is a time to cast a spell.

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I recently saw this Instgram post below and really bothered me, and some of my other Witchy friends. This meme implies that spell casting is something every Witch needs to do. NO!! Oh my Goddess, NO! My co-author of The Wicca Cookbook, Tara Seefeldt, introduced me to the Craft in the early 1990s.

Step 1 to Wake the Witch within is:
being in tune with nature.

Yes, the New Moon is a time to do magick for something fresh and new, as well as rest as a major factor of healing. You can honor the Witch within by laying down for the afternoon and reading a good book. It. Is. Up. To. You.

Spells do not make you a Witch.

Spells are primarily used to discipline the mind and create the fulfillment of our wishes. Some experienced practitioners and Witches I know, no longer need to cast a full spell to actualize or materialize their deepest desires. After all, the tools of the craft are just symbols to direct intention, strengthen intuition, and symbolize desires. The rest is a matter of being patient for right timing and humble to receiving gifts from the Universe.

Spells are a contract with the universe and should be taken seriously. You don’t just perform spells when you are desperate, they should not done daily without serious regard for your input and impact. I was taught by my High Priestess Connie deMasters to ask myself these four very important questions before any spellwork:

  1. Is it necessary?

Have you tried everything in the physical world to make this dream come true? In other words, if you want to be an actor have you taken any acting classes, signed up for acting classes, or even studied movies or plays? You need to make the first attempt. Magick that is performed primarily for the sake of boosting your ego will have little power. Second, you must ask for what you want with precise clarity. Yes, it is that simple. Sometimes our angels or guides are just waiting in the wings to be asked. Then you must sit still, be quiet, and meditate. Listen for the small still voice nudging you in one direction or another.

  • Is it what I really need?

You may be in need of a true friend or companion, but are fixated on a specific image or set of qualifications for your desired person. This mindset sets you up for potential disappointment if your dream comes true, but not in the exact shape or appearance of your wish. A true friend is loyal, compassionate, and available, but you may be stuck on a particular person, image, or situation that may not actually be for your highest good. Ending spells, prayers, or affirmations by saying, “This or something better,” is a great idea to remain open to the possibilities.

  • Will it harm anyone, including myself?

You must be ethical and harm none. “Harm None” is the basic tenant of Witchcraft —you must never knowingly harm another. Harm is different than hurt. Sometimes it is necessary to experience hurt before a need can be met. It hurts to discover you are being shallow or selfish, but as you cast off unhelpful aspects of yourself, like a snake shedding its skin, your spells will manifest more smoothly and more quickly.

  • Am I willing to own the responsibilities of the results?

Once you have asked the forces of the Universe to shake, rattle, and roll so you can achieve your wish, you must accept the form Spirit (known by many names) has decided will best fit your need. It is like shaking a tree to get the leaves to fall; you cannot determine where they land, only the intent and energy you put behind your action. Remember, in Spirit anything is possible, including those things we cannot conceive.

Spells are not a panacea or immediate solution for every problem. Spells are cast to clear the way for dreams to come true by removing self-imposing obstacles and changing your outlook or perspective. You are the Magick you have been waiting for – meaning the answers are within. Awaken the Witch by taking a walk barefoot, listen to the wisdom in the wind, appreciate water, feed your dreams to the fire. Connect to nature and your ability to co-create by pure intention, that’s how you become a Witch.

And by all means if you want to cast a spell to coincide with the moon, go for it? Just remember, sometimes resting during a New Moon is all the healing you will ever need. After all, a focus to heal yourself, each other and the world is what it truly means to be a Witch

Excerpts used from The Book of Spells: The Magick of Witchcraft.

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