Farm to Teacup

Many of us are interested in learning more about where the foods we eat are grown. But what about that chamomile tea you’re drinking? It is an important, reciprocal “attitude of gratitude” to understand the journey that our foods take from farm to table or teacup. Afterall, herbs and plants are our allies, an integral part of a conscious planet, waiting to assist in our evolution.

Thankfully, many herbal distributors, such as Mountain Rose Herbs and Starwest Botanicals, provide labels that explain where the herbs were grown and often try to buy from US farmers. However, it can be confusing when companies state herbs come from their farms, when in fact distributors purchase herbs from farmers contracted to grow herbs that must travel to a warehouse, stored for months at a time, before shipped to customers.

What if we could get herbs, for teas, medicine, and cooking. directly from the farmers themselves? When I buy my chamomile from Oshala Farm in Oregon, there is a date when the herb was harvested. I see green leaves with whole flowers, so I know it has more biomass, more vibrancy. Zack Woods in Vermont is a co-op herb farmer who brings together the small farms to become a mighty resource.

Buying farm direct is like getting your veggies from the farmer’s market versus the grocery store. Local produce and herbs means a smaller carbon footprint because of less resources used to travel. The quicker foods move from the earth to your belly equates more life force, higher nutrients, more potency. Vitality in our food is what we need, especially when we are cultivating a relationship with the specific energy and consciousness of plants for medicine making or spellwork.

When we pay attention to the journey that our plant medicine takes to get to us, our roots mingle together with the plant world and increase our consciousness connection to the planet and our own bodies. We take control of our health, spiritual alignment and personal well-being

“Each flower and herb possess unique characteristics that not only enhance the flavor but also add a sacred quality that imparts the Divine in every dish. By inviting Mother Nature into your dishes, you welcome the flow of Divine spirituality.” – The Wicca Cookbook

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