Hygge: The Art of Creating Comfort

I have been searching for a word and as a writer, this can be a consuming endeavor. I have written ten blogs since March 2012 about the word, but never straight at it, until recent events serendipitously placed the elusive word at the forefront.

I knew somehow there had to be a word that encapsulated my desire to host traveling cyclists, or road warriors, for five years. Yes, I partially did this to tap into wanderlust. But I also really enjoyed the moment that I opened the door and welcomed these weary travelers inside, and then I heard their stories. In our house, the guest is honored, gets the first plate, first shower, and choicest part of any dish or drink.

I could feel the ancient concept for creating comfort and the sacred art of hosting travelers when I opened Sweet Water Hideaway, our AirBnB. I knew there had to be a word for the hosts who welcome the pilgrims on El Camino in Spain.

I couldn’t find the word, but I decided to step forward into this unnamed magick. I began to call myself a Hearth Witch because it ties together the love of making magick for community gatherings, spiritual healing bodywork, creating earthenware, and hosting travelers. At the same time, my friend Tiffany suggested I look into Enchanted Living Magazine and I saw the theme for submissions: Hearth/Hygge.

Hygge is a Danish word with no English translation used to describe a cozy or soothing feeling or moment. Aha! Hygge is that comforting magick of the Hearth and what I yearn to create and give freely to others. It is the snug warmth of belonging and being held. In fact, I so want to give the gift of Hygge that I get sullen if I miss the mark or opportunity to share the Warm Fuzzies. I just bought a candle called Cosmic Hug to burn while I give massages. Hygge.

My cousin Kelle makes intentional magickal candles at Twin Moon Magick

I have been seeking this word for years, ever since I first heard that my Spanish ancestors were known for their generous hospitality and threw a party in the guests’ honor, gave them a horse, and left gold coins at the bedside table. Yesterday, I sent an essay titled Hearth Witch Kindness to Enchanted Living and hope that it will be published. Next week, I will travel to my roots, to the Catalan Hearth of these ancestors, on my own pilgrimage, where I hope to find Hygge.

I must remember one thing… as long as we are desperately looking for something, it remains elusive. Then one day, it magickally appears. Hygge now lives in my heart. I wish you Hygge today and every day.

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