Finally Going to Spain

I have had a separate savings account labeled “Spain” for seven years. I have held onto primary accounts such as ship logs, diaries of Captains that led my ancestors over sea and land, and rare texts through seven moves. I have imagined what motivated my ancestor Jose Antonio Yorba to leave Jorba, Catalonia in 1767 for Alta California for more than 20 years. And finally, finally I am going to Spain!! I will visit this castle, high upon a hill, overlooking Jorba and see if I can feel my DNA in the 1,000-year-old ruins.

I will step foot in the Basilica of Montserrat and gaze into the face of the Black Madonna, this beautiful, exquisite beacon of hope and protection. I will gaze in wonder at the stained glaze and say a prayer when I light a candle in honor of the Goddess.

I will taste the cava in the heart of the region that makes this delicious, sparkling wine. Perhaps, I will stay on a vineyard where they make the wine and learn from the masters, the value of the local soil and all things that make this wine so delicious.

I will walk first steps on El Camino de Santiago in promise of returning to walk it’s entiriety some day, when I will discover more about myself, true hospitality and mysteries yet unknown to me. All these gifts come to me because of my willingness to dive in deep and explore my pain and my power through writing and sharing The Book of Spells: Magick for Young Witches.

I am so greatful for wanderlust.


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