Earthyfaery magick


The sun came through the quivering aspen trees to dance light beams on my upturned face. Warm and toasty, I leaned back in my chair, look up to the sky and listened to the creek splash beside me.


There is a tree opposite where I sit that has markings that look extraordinarily like the Eye of Horus. I get up to take a picture and notice that much of the grey green trunks have pockmarks that resemble faces. This forest is very much alive.


I look over at the faerie sitting on a glass ball, hanging from an aspen branch and dangling just above the waterfall in a creek. I’ve come to visit her and bond a little more. I have just planted above the creek in the back of Joey’s yard. I’m leaving the mountains tomorrow. She is like my Daemon, or Spirit Guardian in this acre of native scape that I have decided I want to know more intimately. In a previous visit to Joey’s at the Eastern Sierra foothills, I hauled rocks from the edges of the property to make a trail to the creek. On this visit I added solar lamps along the trail with an iron flower, an owl and the faerie.


At first I was nervous to have her above moving water. What if she was carried downstream, never to be found again. I like my faeries on solid earth, the mirror images of me as an earthfaery. Or hanging on the breeze, like my hair floating through air, when I drive fast with all the windows down. But never over water. But the creek is exactly what calls me here. My chair rests on a wooden platform deck which extends over the creek just a bit, and reminds me of Huck Finn’s raft. So for the first time in a long time I am calling on the elementals to help me with today’s challenges – discovering how to relax, live more simply and just let life flow. To not worry about doing and being of purpose or earning love. To remember I am love. I am celebrating the Sabbats with my boys. Using familiar places, notions or celebrations, like Burning Man to explain the traditions of Lammas (Aug 2) and burning a straw man as a symbol of thanksgiving for the corn and grain harvest. .

I am learning to infuse myself with self love, gentleness and trust the mystery that carries me on unseen currents, through different seasons.


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