Illimitable Possibilities


We stood on the cliffs looking down at an impossible sunset, immersed in the palpable spirituality that inspired Swami Paramansana Yogananda to build his temple here.

Moments later, pink light suffused the air coloring the surfers, the waves, the cliffs, the sun, Jenny’s face is a rosy glow as thick and tangible as smoke. A handful of others gazed out, trancelike upon the ocean. Captivated and completely taken over by the dreamy, wispy magic, we stared in awe at the beauty we were so very blessed to behold.


The sweet scent of jasmine, beautiful cones of lilac-colored wisteria drape over the wooden canopy outlining the patio tiled with Mexican pavers. The stone mermaid in the middle of the cascading fountain reigns queen-like in the center of the courtyard. Faeries disguised as butterflies and bees play and frolic, helping the flowers and trees grow in the garden. Tucked in the corner under the shade of a pepper tree is a hammock to rest your head and listen to the bustle of elementals and birds busily and lazily enjoying the process of creating a nature wonderland.

fiji jenny

Her closet is a bejeweled rainbow of hippie love. Blouses, skirts, dresses and scarves sparkle with sequins, crystals, beads and tiny mirrors that reflect the beauty of her brilliant light – a luminous diamond reflecting joy and illimitable possibilities. Magic radiates from her smile and out of her fingertips when she cooks or creates shimmering jewelry or paints the sunsets, mermaids, dolphins and waves on walls, rocks, anything – the world is her canvas and she colors it with happiness, love, music and friendship.

Bold and bright, she never shies away from standing in the light, a perfect reflection of the Sun Goddess, the Moon Queen, Mother Ocean, Gaia.

How many times have I adorned myself with treasures from her closet? I lavishly wrap myself in turquoise, aquamarine, citrine, peridot, ruby, emerald, sapphire, amethyst, moonstone, opal – a glittering of the vibrancy I will project and share with the world. She pulls back the shades and helps me to step into the light –

oregon country fair

to treat every day like it’s a festival and each moment with wonder and peaceful anticipation for the next blessing and illimitable possibility.

I love you Jen Dear.

friends holding hands

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