Drag Queen Mentor

I have always admired gays for their courage. Gay men talk straight, transparent, authentic and true… far straighter than straight men. They are real. My concern for them has always been the hardship I imagine they endure because our society is far from accepting bisexuality as unequivocally normal.

Today at the Drag Queen Brunch at the Velvet Lounge, as I admired the quivering hard apple butt cheeked ass of one of today’s performers I was reminded of the Jester archetype. The Jester’s holy path is to be the embodiment of the sacred teaching of the cosmic joke and power of laughter. We laugh at the Jester for a release from the adversities in our lives or the world situations that we cannot fully accept. When we are lost and do not understand how to overcome our obstacles, problems or challenges, we seek the Jester to show us how to laugh and lighten the severity of the situation to gain perspective and ultimately find a solution. What a sacred and difficult role the Jester plays.


For his part, the actualized Jester (coyote or kokopeli in other traditions) has learned to fully accept himself despite how he may be mocked, teased or misunderstood. Deep down he knows this is a sacred offering..

For those on this journey, and especially for the times that he or she forgets, I say from the bottom of my heart, thank you so very much. Thank you thank you thank you. From you, I hope to learn how to accept myself as completely as you have shown me. I hope to learn how my foibles, my imperfections, and particularly my uniqueness is exactly what makes me holy. I hope to accept everyone I meet as an expression of my Godself. There is nothing I see that is not me in some shape or form.  Thank you, my sacred teacher.

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