If You Saw Nicky Smile….

When the clatter and roar of the crowd rises to a fevered pitch and everyone is on their feet, stomping and yelling, this euphoric, undeniable energy lifts heroes to victory. This is exactly what we need for Nicky Mac to wake up.


Nicky Macchiavello, Edison High School varsity soccer player and motocross enthusiast, started the new year off with a bang…and crash….when an unforeseen mid-air accident twisted his dirt bike and he landed on his face just over a week ago. He is now is a coma, while hundreds of his friends and family pray for his recovery.

The silver lining and truly inspiring moment thusfar has been the monumental efforts of his entire high school and neighboring schools to support Nicky with posters, fundraisers, hospital visits, letters, and of course support via Twitter #NickyMacFanPage.

Nicky is such a determined and resilient spirit that you would not want this incident to change his bravery or bright outlook on life. Would you be able to help spread the word about Nicky’s fight for his life and be part of the community rallying to bring this vibrant young man back to his life?


  1. Car Wash Saturday 1/24, 12-3pm. Mobil Gas Station on Beach and Adams. 20002 Beach Blvd., Huntington Beach
  2. Round Table Pizza 1/29. 19750 Beach Blvd., Huntington Beach
    (714) 963-9877
  3. Get Air Trampoline Park. Friday 2/13. 5142 Argosy Ave, Huntington Beach. (714) 916-5815


  1. Bracelets – Vamos Nicky Mac #nickymacfanpage
  2. Go Fund Me ( gofundme.com/k5bjq8 )
  3. Warm-Ups for the soccer team “Vamos Nicky Mac”
  4. T-Shirts “Fuerza Nicky” to be sold by Edison High School ASB
  5. Signed copy of The Enchanted Diary – email jamie@jamiewood.com

People/Organizations who could help:

1. Monster Energy Drink

2. Fox Head Sports

3. Fox Sports

4. Riders: Canard, Roczen, Dungey and Reed

In my New Year’s cleanse, I found three boxes of about 100 copies of The Enchanted Diary, the very last of their kind. Its weird how you hold onto the very last of its kind. But they aren’t helping anyone hiding behind my filing cabinet. I will donate 100% of all proceeds on the sales of this book. Donations are open to the generosity of you heart, with a known value of $13, collectible rate of $26.

I’ve never had a single conversation with Nicky, nor would I recognize anyone of his family, aside from his brother Tommy. But, if you saw Nicky smile once, you’d want to see it again.

Thanks for your consideration.

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