Mama Love

My boys woke me up singing Happy Mother’s Day to the tune of Happy Birthday, carrying a glass of freshly picked flowers, cup of orange juice and plate with a maple bar donut, two donut holes and a white rose.
(We’re celebrating Mother’s Day a week early since they will be with their dad and I will be out of town). I saw up in bed, beaming at the sight of my two sweet teenaged boys. They gingerly placed the plate of treats on my lap and handed me the oj.

Then they straightened up as if to recite a speech and Kobe handed me a flower. “I love you because you never give up on your dreams,” he said, immediately bringing tears to my eyes thinking about my recent decision to follow my heart and leave the security of “out there” for the flexibility, autonomy, creativity, prosperity and yes, security of freelance.

Jeffry Skyler picked out a flower from the jar and handed it to me, “I love how your hair smells after you have taken a shower,” he said reminding me of when he was much younger and often covered his face in my hair. And I heard the line from Gun’s and Roses’ Sweet Child of Mine…“Her hair reminds me of a warm, safe place where as a child I’d hide… And pray for the thunder and the rain to quietly pass me by.”

Kobe’s turn, “I love you because you are the best at cuddling.”
Skye, “I love it when you help me with my English homework.”
Kobe, “I love it when you read books to me,” We still have the collection of their favorite childhood books that I read nightly and sometimes, will pull out and read just for fun.
Skye, “I love how you sing.” From the day they were born until about 10 or 11 years old, after reading books, I would rub their back or head and sing the same five songs: Rock a’bye baby, You are my Sunshine, Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, The Greatest Gift and The Earth is Our Mother. And when they need help sleeping, will still do if asked.
Kobe, “I love when you support us at our soccer games.”
“I love it when you have dinner ready when I get home from soccer practice,” Jeff said handing me the last flower.

Then my boys said together, “We love you, Mama. Happy Mother’s Day” and each kissed me on the side of the cheek, with Skye’s scrubbly chin scratching my face.
“We have your favorite Harry Potter movie cued up,” said Kobe and off we went to watch our favorite story.

I am so grateful that my boys appreciate my most treasured mom traditions and am deeply inspired that they see and appreciate my drive to follow my dreams and live juicy. I don’t know how I can have such a wild-hearted gypsy spirit and the propensity to feel guilty and fear for not following society’s rules for security. It doesn’t seem right.

My only answer is to build an empire that rests firmly upon a rock of community, integrity and commerce. Skipping Stones Nation ( launches this week, bringing ripples of positive energy to your shore soon!!

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  1. Virginia Sandfer says:

    Jamie. I love this. How sweet. We also sing songs (Twinkle Twinkle and You are My Sunshine) every night after books. 🙂 Happy Mama’s Day. You done good!

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