San Miguel de Allende

20130613_182525I love it when a rooster crows in the middle of a city.  This is only one of the fascinating sounds of San Miguel de Allende in Central Mexico. There is also the chiming of church bells, puttering of mopeds, cooing of pigeons, barking of dogs and laughter of her people.20130613_182332

Today clouds grew progressively darker against brightly colored Spanish Colonial churches and architecture nearly 500 years old. Thunder boomed, lightening flashed, warm tropical winds blew my hair.

20130613_181811I could have headed to our casa but instead I wanted to see what I would find in this majestic village. Rain fell in fat warm drops as I walked up and down the the cobblestone streets.

20130613_182805Honestly what stood out most was family and the people and a culture I understood … even though I can’t speak the language very well…I still know home when I feel it.

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