Happy Samhain

Samhain is the Celtic name for the holiday celebrated on October 31. It is pronounced “sow-when” and means summer’s end. Euro-centric traditions of generations past were very agriculturally based. Summer’s End marked the third and final harvest – gourds.

The idea of farm or fork was not a cool or sexy term. It was simply life. This practical way had a very spiritual base. It was founded on reverence and appreciation – the basis of thanksgiving itself.

They also believed, as many people still do, that Samahin was a time when the veil between living and dead, fantasy and real, was at it’s thinnest. In this place between the world is where the magic or mischief takes place. Navajo stories tell that coyote was created at the point that dawn first met the earth – this magical, elusive trickster lives outside of time. Like Hallow’een, this is the moment of elusive shadow. Halloween is like the twilight of the year.

There is much to learn from the shadows that we ignore through the year. Coyote will invite us to look at situations with a humongous dose of comedy and a bit of self-depreciation – if only to gain a new perspective.

What is magick? Nothing more or less than a suspension of disbelief to allow space for the miraculous. In this glorious moment we feel amazed by life itself and connected to all that is just a little bit deeper. Whether that connection is about the harvest, some one has recently crossed or a desire to connect with your shadow self – the side of you that you are more than reticent to showcase.. Hallows or Samhain carves out the space for you to try on a new face.


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