Adventures on my new bike

The living room is full of gear. Jeep has attached his aero bars to my bike. I’ve put on the extra water cage and computer to log my miles. The  bag that sits atop the bike rack is full of bikes clothes, including the pants that make you feel like you’re wearing a diaper. The took kit, a Cliff bar, $6, tire iron, tape, rubber band for my hair, and tire patches are tucked into the bag under the saddle. My cool neat bike, a Surly Cross-Check, is ready for my first cross country adventure.

But the funny thing is we don’t know exactly where we’re going. We know we need to arrive in Littleton, Colorado by about 3pm on Fourth of July to visit with my Aunt Judi, Uncle Richard and hopefully many extended family. Even both my sisters will be there with their families – a complete serendipitous event that I put squarely on the shoulders of my recently deceased dad working behind the scenes to put a salve of sorts on the wounds of his quick departure from this life. After all, Judi is his favorite sister and she said she had been talking to dad before all the plans had been finalized. And I myself had been thinking about him so, so much, teary-eyed at the slightest connection to him, before I decided that our route would definitely take us through Denver – without knowing that my sister would be there.  So perhaps some magic was afoot.

Which means there is no reason to doubt that this trip will offer spontaneous opportunities for adventures and blessings. We may take I-15 or I-40. Not sure yet. We’ll decide in the morning. My hope is to ride about three hours a day through some scenic territory, eat and drink beer in honky tonk bars along the way at night and sleep under the stars.

Weather forecast: thunderstorms.


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