Team Catfish

I don’t know why it is that we wait for tragedy to bring us closer to the ones we love. But sometimes those damn cliches are right.

Over the years I have fought mightily with my mom – even going fists to cuffs back in the day.  We are a lot alike. In fact, there is a feisty one in each generation – my son Skyler, cousin Jacob, on it goes. We’re the ones that can never leave well enough alone. We are the thrill seekers, wanderers and tend to over-analyze a thing until there’s no flavor left. But we’re also the ones who have your back in every fight (even if we know you’re wrong) – our loyalty knows no bounds.  Passionate to a fault, we’ll also defend our own point of view with a sometimes blinding tenacity. 

It’s a funny thing about cancer, it has that ability to cancel out many of the things that once drove you crazy about another. Suddenly, you can accept a person, just as they are (yes, even a parent) and know beyond a doubt, there is no reason to ask for perfection, when the perfection reveals itself when you just let it be…

My aunt just formed a team, Team Catfish (in honor of my mom’s family nickname), to help support my mom through breast cancer for the Race for the Cure on September 25 at 9:45. Only because I know some friends read this blog, too, if you would like to join us or simply want to donate. Please go to

All I know today is that I love my mom and the strength and grace with which is is accepting the lessons that cancer has to offer is nothing less than profound inspiration.

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