The Dancing Muse

Sometimes it feels like the Muse has left for a land far, far away. And finding the thread that weaves together fragments of stories is lost, floating along, waiting to make sense to someone other than the story teller…

I got back my first bowl from my pottery class this week. It reminds me of a pumpkin you’d find in a field in October. Perfectly round on one side (the side the Jack-o’Lantern will be carved) and lopsided on the other (clearly the backside). But the colors are gorgeous: Vegas Lipstick and Moonshadow. I like the sound of those two colors blending. What I like about ceramics is the opportunity to accept imperfect perfection that results from dynamic motion.  I like that just when you think you’ve got a beautiful bowl, you accidentally trim the foot and the bottom falls out. But before you scrap it, the idea occurs that if you make a plate and attach the now defunct bowl, you have a planter.

Renaissance Faire was as it always is – a chance to step into character. To live in a world of fantasy, if only for several richly-filled hours. Far more pictures this year – I think I prefer the memories without wrinkles.  A sweetness was woven throughout the day – though we had our bawdy moments. A friendship of five women – like the spokes of a wheel – bonded to a new level. Five women, each on our personal path of self-discovery, learning to appreciate our 40+ beauty, the softness of our hearts (and bodies), and a gentleness in self-reflection.

I watched magic unfold at a meeting I coordinated between the Orange County Food Bank and the folks at the  Anaheim/OC Visitor Bureau. The response was overwhelmingly positive and creative, and could very well result in thousands upon thousands of hungry people getting nutritious food after well attended conferences. Then I attended the OC Food Access Coalition meeting and happily agreed to be on a working group with Whole Foods to help organize the necessary partners and promotion to create inexpensive, nutritional to-go meals. I will also help OC restaurants become more sustainable and tap into local resources (community or on-site gardens or farmers markets) for food.

The thread is moving and dancing, creating something yet to be revealed. Or has it already manifested?

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