Traveling with my Boys

Last summer I took both my boys, Skyler and Kobe, on two separate road trips to destinations of their choosing. As a single mom, its not often that I get a kid one on one.

The best part of the trip with Skyler was discovering his confidence and poise. I enjoyed the journey so much, that of course, I wrote about it. My article, On the Road to Oregon is featured on OC Family today as their Spotlight article.

This adventure taught us how to accept each other as people, and not merely the roles we play – all while catching sight of some pretty incredible scenery along the California and Oregon coast. Each time I read through the article I get teary-eyed because it was such healing for the two of us. Well, at least for me! Sky just had fun. :  )

Kobe and my trip was not the rambling journey Sky and I had, but more of a drive through the West to Montana where we’d hang with our friends the Maynes at their ranch near West Yellowstone.  Along the way we hiked through Zion National Park and camped near Timpanogos Caves. In Idaho, Kobe commented that he was amazed to see open land between towns. Honest. We spent 16 hours in Yellowstone National Park. One memorable excursion included following a trail we thought would lead us to a waterfall, but instead ended up in the middle of a field with bison on either side and one plunked on the trail between us and the car. Not wanting to end up with the Darwin Award, we carefully trod our way around bison paddies, careful not to emanate fear – or talk – or breathe.

All in all, great stories that make us wonder, where we will go next!!

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  1. james says:

    When I downloaded the picture of the two standing next to one another there wasn’t anyone around so I scrolled down to have a look at the boy’s legs and feet. I t looks like he has long toes! I nicknamed him my, “Long Toed Beauty!” He realy is remarkably beautiful.

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