Making Money Choices Good for the Planet.

Two canvas bags full to the brim with yummy, good-for-me treats, sore feet and a great time = most of the weekend spent at the Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim.

My boyfriend Jeep and I got to the convention center later Saturday afternoon (returned again Sunday). All five halls were packed with everything from Supplements, Health & Beauty, Organic Food, Natural Living products, Pet care to drinks, ETC. It’s kinda funny to see hippies in suits, but after awhile you get used to it. Besides, not everyone who attends or exhibits there is as green as the canned pitch they’ve rehearsed. Some people are in it just for the trend that leads to another kind of green, which is rather disappointing if you ask me. But! There were several companies that had the one percent for the planet sign and were able to tell you exactly how their company follows a zero impact philosophy or how close they have worked with farmers in their community.

Wandering ’round the planet is only fun as long as their are rambling countrysides of pristine nature, clean oceans and wildlife to see. Being at the expo taught me to look up the companies I purchase from and get to know how they treat their employees, handle their waste and reduce their imprint whenever possible. We all vote with our dollars, so I’m endeavoring to make my money choices good for the planet and my consumer consumption is done with consciousness.

Here are some of my favorite products.

Seeds of Change organic seeds and Seeds of Change food – gotta start right.

Mountain Rose Herbs – bulk herbs, teas and containers. They give away Kiss Me I’m Organic bumper stickers!!

Kleen Kanteen – the original, eco-friendly, BPA-free, steel water bottle. Now with bamboo tops.

Noli n Nali – My friend Kenda’s organic mama and baby natural care

Mineral Hygenics – mineral make-up. Awesome coverage.

Eco-Dent – natural oral care products. My son Skyler loves the mint mouth wash

Badger – Pure body care. Great tinted lip balm.

Aroma Naturals – favorite essential oil candle. My favorite is called Meditation.

Mrs. Myer’s – Earth-friendly cleaners, baby products and laundry supplies made with essential oils, biodegradable and phosphate-free.

Natra-care – High quality, organic and natural feminine hygiene products. Met the founder. Loved her!!

Good for you Girls – All-natural skincare for tweens. I hope they go to the Northern California Women’s Herbal Symposium!!!

Verterra – dinnerware from fallen leaves. Really pretty and unique

Ultra Green – biodegradable tree-free paper products are made from sugarcane fiber. Great to tell your favorite restaurant that still gives out Styrofoam to-go containers.

Purity. Organic – Juices from San Francisco, originally a produce company. AH-MAAZING Mango lemon drink. Oh my!

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